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Our fencing services...

Urban Fencing offers a wide range of home fencing and commercial fencing services which include colorbond fencing, swimming pool fencing, picket fencing and a large range of other fencing services.

Providing Sydney's best fencing solutions from fence design to fence construction, we have completed all sized fencing jobs across Sydney, we specialise in fence manufacturing and installation, so you know that you will get complete start to finish fencing solutions in Sydney for all your fencing needs.

We often have people ring us inquiriing about the cost of our home fencing services, and they are pleasantly surprised to find out that our fence prices whilst being very reasonable, it's the quality of our fencing that stands above all else.

We use a range of fence supplies including stainless steel fencing, aluminium fencing, wooden fencing and glass panel pool fencing.

Contact Us today via our website and we will get back to you as quickjly as we can. To help make our response more accurate for you, if you see an image that you like simply plae that number in the 'Image Number' box in the Contact Us form for us to identify what style of fencing you like.