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Pool Fencing Services

Looking for swimming pool fence ideas? Looking for pool fence designs? Need someone to take care of your pool fence installation?

There are a lot of pool fencing companies out there that use second hand pool fencing, we guarantee our pool fencing work and only use quality new fencing materials and at no stage do we ever re-use pool fencing materials on your property.

Why do I need Pool Fencing?

Pool fencing is a serious business, at Urban Fencing we realise that as home owners we all want to ensure that our family and friends are safe when they are in our homes and around our pool area.

Not only do we want to ensure that our family and friends are safe, it is also a legal requirement that we ensure we provide a safe and secure pool fencing environment for those in and around our pool and backyard areas.

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What are NSW Pool Fence Regulations?

NSW has strict pool fencing regulations that state that every new pool in NSW must have a fence around it to ensure the safety of those using the area, and the safety of those who may inadvertantly stumble into the area unsupervised.

We our proud to say that our pool fencing adheres to all legal requirements and is covered by the Australian Safety Standards and the Australian Swimming Pool Fencing Act and will keep you up to date on any new pool fencing laws.

Australian Safety Standards - ASA 1926.1-2007.

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What types of Pool Fencing do we have?

We have a range of modern and contemporary swimming pool fencing styles such as frameless glass pool fencing to more traditional pool fencing ideas that will allow your pool and surrounding area to look great and be safe and reliable.

Some of our pool fence styles include aluminium pool fencing, colorbond pool fencing, frameless glass pool fencing, above ground pool fencing, wooden pool fencing, clear pool fencing, iron pool fencing, galvanized pool fencing, vinyl pool fencing to meet all of your above ground swimming pool fencing requirements and inground swimming pool fencing requirements.

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